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Little Lawnmowers

The accumulation of original music influenced by American roots, early jazz/blues, and world grooves, Little Lawnmowers delivers an emotional musical experience ranging from the ambient to intense. Employing diverse musical traditions of fingerstyle guitar, a suitcase drum/auxiliary percussion, and original lyrics, songs of stories of life, death, love, the bizarre, and a life on the road are conveyed through Hawkins' unique performance style and the thumping of the suitcase-stomp drum.

Jonathan Hawkins, under the stage name Little Lawnmowers, is a guitarist, singer-songwriter, and composer/arranger. Jonathan has toured internationally as a guitarist and multi-instrumentalist with Broadway productions, and as a member of bands ranging from Electronic/EDM to traditional/old-time and jazz. When not on the road, Hawkins stays busy arranging and composing for commission, theatrical productions, and studio albums. If you are interested in keeping up with Jonathan, visit


Night Drive/EP

Original music & lyrics inspired by American roots, early jazz/blues, and world grooves.


live at studio 3,
wsaz studios,
huntington, wv

Ella Speed

Ariel Theatre, 
Gallipolis, OH

Sessions at the Den

St. Albans, WV

Buffalo Creek

Nic Allen & LL
Huntington, WV

Jack o' Diamonds

Grand Lake, CO

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Phone: (304) 593-2385